Jason D’Souza

Jason D'Souza Singapore

OH, MY WORD(S) !!!!! Words, those dreadful words. Why won’t they just come out? Why all the chaos? Why all the drama? No one else seems to have a problem, why only me?  Eyes blinking, face twitching, feet tapping, hands slapping, oh why won’t you just come out? Let me be normal, let me fit in, […]

Todd Boddington

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I have stuttered all my life, I have tried many different speech therapies throughout my childhood but nothing worked. I gave up on my speech and settled for a life of holding back and living in fear of speaking, I put all my efforts into my soccer career which I did well in. This is […]

Stephen Woods

Stephen Woods Sydney, Australia

Before I joined the McGuire programme at age 24 I had developed my own techniques for hiding my stammer. Such techniques I thought were working pretty well. Over the years I had managed to hide my speech problem, moving from an overt to a covert stammerer. My tricks and word-foolery were so refined that my […]

Scott Monson

Scott Monson Sydney, Australia

I joined the Programme in April 2007 at the age of 35. Having stuttered for my whole life, I had achieved little success with various intensive programs and other treatments over 30 years. Because of these past experiences, I started my first course with little expectation of a “magic cure” for my stutter – but […]

Robert Lucas

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My name is Robert Lucas, from Adelaide in South Australia. I have become a Staff Trainer, Course Instructor, Coach and do Evaluations for David McGuire, the founder of The McGuire Programme. I did my first course of the McGuire Programme in January 1999. I was a very bad stutterer who would shy away from every […]

Riley Cadman

Riley Cadman Sydney, Australia

It took me two years to build up the courage to enrol on a business college and I quit 4 weeks into the first semester due to my stutter and all of the negative energy I had. I was ready to throw my life away and not proceed in my further studies to lead me […]

Rick Nelson

Rick Nelson Sydney, Australia

I joined the McGuire Programme back in 2004 at the age of 19 and can easily say it has been one of the best choices I have ever made in my life. I arrived at my first course feeling a large amount of scepticism about whether it would work for me but I knew there […]

Phil Jeffrey

Phil Jeffrey Sydney, Australia

I have been with the McGuire Programme since 1999 and became a course instructor in 2008 and Staff Trainer in 2010. Being on the Programme has given me the tools to tackle challenging speaking situations and achieve what I want in my career. I enjoy giving back to the Programme and helping new students overcome […]

Peter Gishla

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My name is Peter Gishla. Before I went on my first McGuire course I was very shy, not wanting people to find out I was a stutterer so I often withdrew from social interaction.  I was hesitant about going on the McGuire programme because I had tried so many other things which didn’t work (they were: […]

Peter Baade

Peter Baade Brisbane, Australia

I struggled with stuttering from a young child. Oral presentations at school were the worst, along with those awful memories of spending a minute struggling to get a word out, then realising that my listener had no idea what I just said. After my first course of the Mcguire Program in 2000, I had an […]