Puja Pietarila

Puja Pietarila Finland

A very inspirational and emotional story from Puja Pietarila who did her Refresher Course (her 02. McGuire Course) in Berlin last October! Well done Puja, your presence and positive attitude bring energy to our courses and to the programme in Germany. Thank you for sharing and thank you for joining The McGuire Programme Please read […]

Zargham Ali

Zargham Ali Germany

It all started when I was 6 years old. It was an on and off process at the start. For me, the most dreadful part would be to introduce myself to new people in a group. The minutes would feel like hours till it was my turn to introduce myself.  I was also bullied for […]

Emmet O’Connell

Emmet O'Connell

After my first course I took every opportunity to share my experience with the world. I’ve had the opportunity to be interviewed by local and national newspapers, I’ve been on national and local radio stations on numerous occasions and I’ve appeared on television talk shows, both live and pre-recorded.