Yeshwanth Darmadev

Yeshwanth Darmadev Italy

I’m Yeshwanth Darma dev Damerla and I stuttered badly for over 22 years. To be honest, I would have never made any progress in my life without attending this wonderful programme. I even struggled in normal conversations with my friends and family members. This struggle was more challenging while facing strangers. This struggle was more […]

Vivin Joy

Vivin Joy Chennai, India

My name is V…V…Vivin Joy. If memory serves me correctly, I was a normal enthusiastic child who just started going to a school in Bangalore. I had loved going to my class and enjoyed the presence of my class teacher. Suddenly when I came back from school one day, my mom noticed something different, I […]

Vandana Grover

Vandana Grover New Delhi

Vandana Grover is my name and I am a proud member of The Mcguire programme. I had been a covert stammerer for 40 years of my life. Juggling with word substitution and searching for synonyms for my feared words during each conversation undoubtedly made me adept at English vocabulary. However, it also made my fears that much stronger. […]

Tejpratap Singh

Tejpratap Singh New Delhi, India

Being a stutterer in India is not easy. There is very little awareness and only a small percentage of our population is sensitized to this affliction. I, Tejpratap Singh, have stammered since I was 14 years old. I don’t remember how it started but the events and the life that followed thereafter is etched in […]

Tarun Mehrotra

Tarun Mehrotra Bengaluru, India

Life was not easy growing up. I was a Person Who Stammered (PWS) and fluency always eluded me. I was baffled by the lack of scientific research on a cure for stammering and nobody really seemed to know the root cause of this debilitating speech impediment. I had high aspirations for myself, but my dysfluency […]

Siddharth McWann

Siddharth McWann Odisha, India

If you are a stammerer and are looking for great control over your stammer then McGuire Programme is what you are looking for. Yes, it is not a cure but it is a wonderful “lifetime programme”. The book “Beyond Stuttering” serves as a guide to the graduates of the course but to apply those things […]

Rishabh Panchamia

Rishabh Panchamia Mumbai, India

I had been a covert stammerer all my life but since taking the McGuire Programme, I have seen an amazing transformation in my speech and mindset! My name is Rishabh and I am a covert stammerer. [Covert means that I could hide my stammer from others but not from myself] For many years, I had my […]

Rishabh Dev Singh

Rishabh Dev Singh Mumbai, India

Stammering has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My earliest memory is the first day of school when a teacher asks me to stand up and introduce myself.  I stood up.. not realizing something very different was going to happen, I knew what my name is BUT.. why […]

Pradeep Iyer

Pradeep Iyer Chennai, India

Before the course, I was an overt and out control stammerer. I have been on the programme since August 2013, and the course is helping me to get control of my speech. For example, I could never say my name properly before the course. By using the techniques and practising my name on a regular […]

Prabhat Tiwari

Prabhat Tiwari Pune, India

Growing up, I didn’t like to talk unnecessarily and didn’t converse much with people. Perhaps it was because of my stutter/stammer or maybe it was because I was not confident speaking openly. I would only talk to very close friends and family.   I first became aware of my stammering when I was eight years […]