Gerardo Castillo

“La vida te pondrá obstáculos pero los límites los pones tú”. Hace no mucho un profesor me comentaba que “la palabra no es solamente la voz que entretiene y comunica, el vocablo que transmite información, deseo, recuerdos, órdenes. La palabra es nuestra casa. El lenguaje es una habitación que nos esculpe. Residencia, la palabra moldea, […]

Sebastián Rivadeneyra

Sebastián Rivadeneyra Lima, Perú

I’m a person who has stuttered since I was 5 years old. I remember that when I was young I didn’t give a lot of importance to the problem and I just kept living my normal life. But I still went to different places to treat my stutter: speech therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, reikists, and healers, […]

Martin Fonck

Martin Fonck Santiago Chile

I started to stutter since I can remember, it has always made me feel bad and prayed as a child; my family is Catholic so the next day I would wake up speaking “well”. I always assumed that I would be a shadow of what I can be, of my best version. All my life; […]

Malcolm Cisneros

Malcolm Cisneros Ciudad de México

My name is Malcolm Cisneros, I was born in Mexico City on November 1st 1984, under the Scorpion sign. My stutter started when I was 11 years old, at the beginning I could control it a little bit, but as time went by my stutter started to control me. My teenage years were very complicated, […]

Luz Mireya Castillo

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Eloquence is the master of all arts. I’ve suffered from a stutter for more than 30 years, and the anxiety and the fear that I felt got worse in any situation that involved public speaking. In my first course taken in July 2016 in Bogota – Colombia, I attended because I had the responsibility in […]

Luis Kantun

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For many years I felt afraid to speak in public, and I don’t mean CHALLENGING situations as an oral presentation in class or give an interview; for if it was already a nightmare just to imagine being in such circumstances, I’m talking about everyday situations: talking on the phone, asking something in class, for a […]

Julián Ortiz Skidelsky

Julián Ortiz Skidelsky Paraná, Argentina

My stutter began when I was 5 years old. If I had to mention a complicated or embarrassing situation, it would be reading a book out loud in my school. Before the McGuire Programme, I went with more than three speech therapists and a psychologist, although they didn’t help me much to treat my stutter. […]

Juan Pablo Villagra

Juan Pablo Villagra Santiago, Chile

Showing my stutter frustrated me big time… According to my parents, my stutter started when I was around 4 or 5 years old, which was treated by a speech therapist and gave good results. Nevertheless, it came back more complex in my adolescence, due to obesity and depression that were with me back then. I […]

Joaquín Becerra

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“We all have a voice and we deserve to be heard.” For many years of my life I did not understand the meaning of this phrase, many times I thought that those who had the power of speech were the speakers, and I always wanted to be one of them to express my ideas without […]

Jared Ballesteros

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I transformed my biggest weakness into my greatest strength. My stutter started when I was around 11 and 12 years old, at first I took it as something normal, a scare that I had in my childhood and it even was something funny to me, at that age I didn’t give much importance to anything, […]