Ken Bevers

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Ken Bevers is one of our coaches on the US program.  He is inspirational to all his students and continues to follow directions and work on his speech. As a covert stuttered, I often tried to hide my stuttering from the world. As a result, I always felt like I was making this huge sacrifice […]

Maria McGrath

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My name is Maria McGrath. My earliest memory of stuttering was at school when I was approximately 5 years old. My earliest memory of stuttering was when I was about age 6, standing in front of the class struggling to say something and all the grown-up kids were laughing at me.  My stutter held me back […]

Scott Hart

Scott Hart USA

Scott Hart is a coach on The McGuire Programme from the Detroit area I have stuttered on most of the words and sentences I have spoken (Or tried to speak) in my so far 30 some odd years of life until that glorious day in March 2012 I decided to step out of my comfort […]

Kaushik Valluri

Kaushik Valluri

My name is Kaushik Valluri. I took my first course in March of 2008 in Washington DC, USA. I am happy to say that I am now past the slippery slope and well on my way to eloquence. Prior to The McGuire Programme, I attended numerous speech therapy courses for a period of over 15 […]