Gerardo Castillo

“La vida te pondrá obstáculos pero los límites los pones tú”. Hace no mucho un profesor me comentaba que “la palabra no es solamente la voz que entretiene y comunica, el vocablo que transmite información, deseo, recuerdos, órdenes. La palabra es nuestra casa. El lenguaje es una habitación que nos esculpe. Residencia, la palabra moldea, […]

Richard Hopkins-Smith

Richard Hopkins-Smith Huntington, Suffolk

For 35 years I had stuttered and struggled to say one word let alone a whole sentence.  I first saw a speech therapist at the tender age of two. Over the years I have seen four speech therapists, seen a hypnotherapist once a week for a year, meditation with yoga classes. Attended speech support groups […]

Rich Whincup

Rich Whincup England

I have had my stammer for as long as I can remember. My Mum says I used to stammer in my car seat… I have had my stammer for as long as I can remember. My Mum says I used to stammer in my car seat… I first heard of the programme when an Aunty of […]

Michael Joyes

Michael Joyes Bath, UK

I attended my first course when I was 20 after stuttering for many years. My stutter would hold me back in social situations, at University and stop me from expressing my personality. I had always planned to attend a course at some point after hearing about the McGuire Programme, but in the summer of 2012 […]

Michael Hutchinson

Michael Hutchinson London

I joined the course the summer before University in 2009. I remember throughout school I always tried and failed to hide my stammer with substitutions and filler words to make myself ‘more fluent.’ I think my brain had trained itself to oppress all negative speaking memories, therefore I’m struggling to find any worthy examples. The […]

Michael Hay

Michael Hay London (originally Glasgow)

It’s hard to put into words what I have gained from the McGuire Programme. You could say that I can now say what I WANT to say instead of what I think I CAN say. You could say that I now answer the phone rather than pretending that I can’t hear it. You could say […]

James Tennant

James Tennant Leeds, UK

The McGuire Programme has enabled me to gain control over my speech I never thought I would achieve.  I’ve stammered severely since the age of 4, and previous therapies were never sustainable. I then found this programme in 2012, and everything began to change.  I no longer have to be afraid of speaking situations, and […]

Craig Gorman

Blank Profile Photo Male

I joined the Mcguire programme 2 years ago now, I joined with the sole aim of improving my speech and not letting my stammer control me anymore. I had speech therapy before on the NHS throughout my school life, nothing seemed to work until March 2016 in Wembley, now I don’t stop talking, this course […]

Charishma Nanwani

Charishma Nanwani London

Charishma Nanwani learns how to control her covert stammer and is now a coach on the McGuire Programme. ‘Not being able to say what I wanted when I wanted to speak made me feel like I was constantly split into two versions of myself. I would live on two extremes and it was exhausting. Before the […]

Chantal Anderson

Chantal Anderson London

You never have to look very far to be inspired by the many new students, graduates, coaches and friends that you will make on this wonderful programme. Without this inspiration, as a person who stammers, undoubtedly I wouldn’t have ever aspired to work hard on becoming a good communicator and would have likely allowed my […]