Maria McGrath

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My name is Maria McGrath. My earliest memory of stuttering was at school when I was approximately 5 years old. My earliest memory of stuttering was when I was about age 6, standing in front of the class struggling to say something and all the grown-up kids were laughing at me.  My stutter held me back […]

Alfredo González 

Fear. Permanent, unstoppable fear of any speaking situation. Having the nasty voice inside my head saying “you will stammer”, “you embarrass yourself”, “how stupid do you look”, “see everyone noticing and laughing because of your stutter”.. And so many other negative self-destroying thoughts. My stammer began when I was little, my native language is Spanish […]

Kaushik Valluri

Kaushik Valluri

My name is Kaushik Valluri. I took my first course in March of 2008 in Washington DC, USA. I am happy to say that I am now past the slippery slope and well on my way to eloquence. Prior to The McGuire Programme, I attended numerous speech therapy courses for a period of over 15 […]

Matt Wilton

I’m Matt Wilton from Somerset and I have had a stammer ever since I can remember and School and college days were hard as I used to avoid situations like away football matches as I may have to speak on the school bus! English was the worst feeling as I used to skip lessons when […]

Emmet O’Connell

Emmet O'Connell

After my first course I took every opportunity to share my experience with the world. I’ve had the opportunity to be interviewed by local and national newspapers, I’ve been on national and local radio stations on numerous occasions and I’ve appeared on television talk shows, both live and pre-recorded.

Daniel Kusk

At my first day interview when I joined The McGuire Programme, it took me 40 seconds to say my name. I will say that I was a very severe stammerer before McGuire. I’m still a stammerer, but a proud one . . . with this McGuire technique, I can show people who I really am. […]

Denis Wright, Now a Stutter Coach after his 1st course in 2014

Denis Wright, Stutter Coach and now Regional Director of Australia and New Zealand. Ever since I remember I have had a stutter – unfortunately for me, I liked to talk a lot.  Although I can’t say stuttering held me back too much, looking back at it now, I can see how it did restrict me […]