Raising awareness of stuttering - Over the airwaves.

The medium of radio can be particularly difficult for people who stutter as the only way the world hears you is via your speech but our members face this challenge head-on and perform superbly. Have a listen and judge for yourself.

Matthew Richardson on BBC Tees March 2016
Matthew Richardson talks to Mike Parr on BBC Tees about growing up with a stammer and his passion for helping others with a stammer.
Brian Sellers radio interview on Convocation Radio
Brian Sellers was interviewed live on the radio this afternoon with his wife and sister, talking about his experiences with stuttering and with The McGuire Programme. QUOTE: "Being on the radio is something that I've always wanted to do, but never thought would be possible until I started in the McGP a little over two years ago. A quick round of thanks to all my McGP buddies, my friends, and of course my amazing wife and family - without all of you, none of this would be possible."
The Why Factor: Stammering featuring 22-Year-Old Rishabh Panchamia.
Listen-in: The Why Factor featuring 22-year-old Rishabh Panchamia. He found a way to control his stutter with the help of The McGuire Programme
Ciaran overcame a stutter and is now helping other people who stutter too.
Oscar-winning film raising awareness of stutters and stammers With the recent Oscar success of the Irish short film 'Stutterer', listener Ciaran McGonagle got in touch in the hope that people who have a stutter know there is help available. He dropped into the studio to talk to Anton about overcoming his stutter and how he is now helping others overcome theirs.
Chase Hamilton, A Law Student, And A Chronic Stutterer
Chase Hamilton, a law student, and a chronic stutterer, practices talking to strangers at the Mall of America and his Sophie Nikitas.
Denis Wright live on 2GB Radio in Sydney, Australia
Denis Wright discusses stuttering and the McGuire Programme with TV and Radio Presenter Ben Fordham - Live on 2GB Radio in Sydney, Australia.