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I really enjoyed the Galway course. The course instructors, Cormac and Megan did a fantastic job instructing.

Thursday was tough as always with plenty of repetition and training. I found the day long with all the practicing but I know these long days are essential. 

All in all, it was a great couple of days, and it was great to see the new students find their voices.

Reviewed by: Alan - McGuire Programme Member

Seeing the New Students on Wednesday evening brought me back to my own first-day video and I realise how far I’ve come with the help of the McGuire Programme.

Attending this course reinforced my techniques and over the three days getting up on the floor to do a presentation really strengthened my belief in what time and effort can do.

Looking at and listening to the New Students in their last-day videos, the transformation was amazing and the smiles on their faces said it all, a bright future ahead. Thanks to the McGuire Programme.

Reviewed by: Noel - McGuire Programme Member

The course was a great boost to my self-confidence and a reminder that I am not alone on this journey.

It was great to be able to give something back to the program by helping and supporting the new students in terms of encouragement and guidance. It was also an opportunity to make new friends and reconnect with old ones.

I found it really beneficial to hear other people’s stories and feel a real connection with every one of them.

Reviewed by: Stuart - McGuire Programme Member

The course was really good and I really enjoyed it as it really helped me a lot with my speech.

I benefited greatly from the course and it brought up my motivation, a good restart for me. It also improved my speech a lot from practicing and repetition of all the McGuire techniques and fanataics for getting back into the right mindset.

Reviewed by: Jamie - McGuire Programme Member

I really enjoyed my second course; it was great to catch up with people from my first course and to meet new people. By talking to other people, we can help one another on this journey.

I gained a lot of confidence from my second course, especially by repeating my name over and over in the lines using the McGuire techniques. I enjoyed the street contacts session as I wanted to focus on resisting time pressure on my name.

I thought the breakout sessions for existing members were very well executed by the coaches, with great interaction among members. More of these sessions may be beneficial to me as I find the break from the main training room gives a real lift and boosts my confidence.

Reviewed by: Donnacha - McGuire Programme Member

I really enjoyed the course in Galway. It was my first course to attend since covid started. I must compliment Cormac and Megan for all their hard work. It was truly inspiring to watch and be a part of it, from seeing the new students’ transformations in 3 days. 

I gained a lot more control and confidence in my speech even after being on the course for a few years. But it really opened my eyes to how important it is to keep the work up, use our techniques every hour every day, and also be our own coach.

Thanks so much for giving me and all the other people who stammer a great chance to become more in control of our speech and live a happier life!

Reviewed by: Alan -McGuire Programme Member

For me, this course was much different from my first course, which was only my first course. Since I knew what was going to happen, I was able to relax and enjoy it more. It was also great to meet other graduates from different parts of the country and from the online support group also. I also enjoyed the Harrison Drill much more this time around, who would have thought?

For me, the most beneficial aspect for me was the psychological aspect of the course, really exaggerating my technique, and really using my deliberate dysfluency which helps me to accept myself as a person who is challenged by stuttering. Also, the support from the coaches was immense as always, especially from the course instructors Cormac and Megan. 

Reviewed by: Cian - McGuire Programme Member

I really enjoyed being able to get back to basics on the course and practice my technique. I found the split sessions really enjoyable and I found the topics in these beneficial to me.

I loved doing street contacts in Galway, this course has really given me the push and confidence I needed with university presentations coming up.

Reviewed by: Keela - McGuire Programme Member

My experience doing my first course on the McGuire Programme, well where do I start, first of all, every member of the programme that I have met made me feel very welcome. The first day I arrived (Wednesday) I was so nervous not knowing what to expect then I met Joe and Cormac and they put me at ease to the point where I felt quite comfortable. I felt like I wasn’t able to do it, I was getting frustrated thinking I wasn’t able to do it but again everyone on the course reassured me that everything was going to be alright. Getting to know everyone and speaking to people that can relate to you was very good for me. Each day I gained more confidence and I’m very thankful for that.

Overall, my experience was one of the hardest but most rewarding experiences I have ever done in my life. I want to do more courses now to become even more confident than I already am thanks to the McGuire Programme.

Reviewed by: James - New Student November 2022

I joined the course to try and get control over my stammer. I have had my stammer my whole life and decided I have had my stammer long enough and wanted a change in how I speak.

The course was brilliant, it improved my speech beyond what I had imagined possible before doing the course. It really gave me more control over my speech and I am now able to express myself the way I want to with control and the use of my newly learned techniques. The course was very beneficial, it has had a major immediate impact on not just my speech but also my confidence. This is only the beginning and I am hoping to benefit more from the course and the following support provided after the course.

Reviewed by: Killian - New Student from November 2022

I enjoyed the course, very intensive and long days but I am so delighted and so worthwhile seeing my son Killian progress every day. It gave me the opportunity to have a good insight into the programme and it means so much as I can support Killian on his journey.  I’m so proud of Killian’s progress, he has become so confident and he’s so dedicated to his coursework.

One of the biggest things I noticed is how lovely, friendly and supportive everyone was on the course. They are such an inspiring group, and I wouldn’t have got the opportunity of meeting them all if Killian was older.

A big thank you to Joe and your wonderful team of coaches for your dedication and continuous support. I’ll be forever grateful. One thing is for sure I know Killian’s speech won’t hold him back, he has got the weapons and confidence to do anything! The McGuire Programme has opened every door of opportunity for him.

Reviewed by: Parent of U18 New Student Killian