We take a holistic approach to stuttering.

The McGuire Programme takes a holistic approach that treats stuttering not so much as a problem with speech, but more as an issue with our experience of communication and how we relate to people and the world around us. We look at both the physical and mental habits we have developed around speaking and work hard and replacing those old bad habits with new good habits. We see it as an issue of fear and anxiety, and old patterns and triggers from the past. Changes to those patterns take time hence the emphasis on ongoing coaching and support.

The technique includes a number of strategies or ‘weapons’ to physically overcome speech blocks and challenging words. See our definition of stuttering here.


We also teach you an understanding of the psychology and emotional aspects of stuttering and encourage assertive self-acceptance as a person who stutters, who is working hard to become an effective communicator.

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We help to overcome the fear of speaking through concentration, assertiveness and non-avoidance techniques. We address the mechanisms of relapse and how to respond should it occur, as well as running workshops to challenge and change the lifelong negative traits associated with stuttering.

The changes to thinking and behaviours (habits) that is required to overcome stuttering does not happen overnight. As a result of this we have setup an extensive network of coaching and lifetime support across the world as part of your membership.

Through this experience, our coaches and members become empowered by helping others, in addition to aiding their own speech progress.