Ensuring The McGuire Programme is for you.

We are a membership-based programme. Every new member invests in themselves by paying a once-off membership fee. This fee is payable before your first course starts.

When you complete your first course you automatically become a member. Members can attend as many courses as they want/need. 

The membership fee can be looked at as an investment in your self-development and the membership lasts for your lifetime and can not be transferred to another person.

The membership fee (or investment) varies from region to region due to exchange rates and economies of particular countries etc. 

The membership fees can be viewed on our regional landing pages (links available below; simply select your closest McGuire Programme Region for more details).


Your follow-up phone/online support* and coaching are included in your membership. *refer to details below




Additional costs.

You can attend as many courses as you want/need, these are referred to as Refresher Courses. When you attend a refresher course there is a small refresher fee to be paid by each member who registers for that particular course. 

  • The refresher fee varies from region to region (for refresher fees refer to regional pages). 
  • This refresher fee goes towards administration and organisational running costs in each region.
  • There is also a minimal member fee for in-person support group meetings to cover the cost of room-hire. 
  • Online support meetings are incl. in membership.
  • There is a minimal member fee for online and in-person refresher days (running for 5+ hours)

The above mentioned ‘minimal member/refresher fees’ are not included in your membership.

 Important: Hotel costs, food & travel are at your own expense and are also not included in your membership.



You can find more information about our fees and the cost of joining the McGuire Programme by selecting a nearby region.

Conditions of membership.

There are a few conditions attached to your membership in order for to keep your membership. 

This includes participating in our one-time evaluation process approximately 12 months after your first course. 

The one-time evaluation entails a phone/zoom call with an evaluator where you are asked a few questions. Details concerning this can be clarify with your local Regional Director before joining.