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Glenn McMasters

"I never knew how to get control over it or how to deal with any of the psychological aspects before my first course. Since then I have attended several. I learn something new on every course and being on a course is such an incredible experience."

Our worldwide members share their personal stories beyond stuttering.

Members of our programme worldwide sharing their life changing experiences that comes with going beyond stuttering with The McGuire Programme.

NHS Frontline Worker Conquers Her Speech Challenges

NHS Frontline Worker Conquers Her Speech Challenges

Jessica Whitworth

Jessica went on to become an Emergency Department Nurse despite her stutter and is now able to communicate effectively.

I work in the Emergency Department, never in a million years did I think I could be a nurse, never mind a nurse in ED (may I add, starting my career in the midst of a pandemic!!) Communication is key in nursing and without the programme, I think I would have given up.


Stuttering and Avoidance had always been interchangeable concepts for me

Joze Piranian

Joze talks about how he avoided speaking situations due to his stutter and how he now faces his fear head-on.

What a logic-defying and deeply transformational journey this has been. I look forward to what’s next. After all, the best way out of fear is always through it"

My confidence grew and my speech continued to get better.

The power of the support network got my stammer back under control.

Brendan O Leary

By using the incredible international support network especially during lockdown Brendan regained control of his stammer.

Then the Lockdown happened and I discovered the power of zoom.

I am very proud to hear about our program’s worldwide coaching network volunteering to take new students from the India Region under their wings.

The McGuire Programme helped transform my life and the lives of many others who stutter too.

Paul Paluch

Paul is one of many of The McGuire Programme™ members who took charge and changed his life and now helps change the lives of other people who stutter.

I believe that the McGuire Programme is a ‘super support network’ of people who stutter helping people who stutter.

My Stutter, Feeling Freedom at University and Coping with COVID-19

My stutter, feeling freedom at University and coping with COVID-19.

Padraig McDermott

Padraig's journey to overcome his stutter and the freedom he felt at university, how COVID-19 affected him and how he turned it around with the support of all McGuire Programme members.

Before joining the McGuire Programme, I never would’ve had this feeling of excitement that I now have in relation to starting a new job. It just goes to show that when I put my mind to something, by putting in the required time and effort and utilising the amazing support that the McGuire Programme offers its members including myself.

Sunny's story from an out of control stutterer to a competent public speaker.

My journey from an out of control stutterer to a competent public speaker.

Sunny Mehta

Sunny's story from an out of control stutterer to a competent public speaker.

The McGuire Programme help me take ownership of my stutter and nudge forward with a fearless mindset, but it also had a transformational impact on many other aspects of my personality and life.