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overcome stuttering with our help.

Join our community of people who stutter helping people who stutter.

We teach you how to overcome stuttering and learn critical communication skills needed to thrive in the real world.

Both online and in-person courses are available.

Beyond Stuttering

If we can overcome stuttering
you can too.

Confidence Building

Go beyond stuttering leading to new or improved job opportunities, confidence building, a better social life, & reduction of tension & stress.

Membership Program

We are a membership program with thousands of members worldwide who come together to work on their speech and help each other go beyond stuttering.

Self Improvement

We help overcome speaking fears & avoidance behaviours by teaching physical, psychological & emotional strategies to become the best version of you.

3 to 4-Day intensive course to overcome stuttering held in various locations around the world. Effective for adults and teenagers aged 14+

The interactive online training is very suitable for those who are unable to attend our in-person courses. This is a live online training course where you learn to speak confidently and become a better communicator.

3-day intensive training online plus meeting a coach for face-to-face training sessions for 4 hours spread over 2 days.

2 full days online plus 1 to 2 full days in-person training for face to face training.


Living with a stammer. One man who is not letting his stammer/stutter hold him back.

Living with a stammer can be isolating and frightening but reporter Freya Findlay meets one man who is not letting it hold him back.
Picture of People Who Stammer Finding their Voices in Mumbai.

People Who Stammer Find their Voices in Mumbai!

The McGuire India Programme successfully conducted its first post-pandemic course to empower people who stammer in Navi Mumbai, a suburb of Mumbai.
McGuire Programme UK YouTube Live Broadcast Stutter Course Walkthrough banner

YouTube Live Broadcast 2023 for Stammer + Stutter Course Walkthrough

McGuire Programme UK YouTube Live Broadcast Stutter Course Walkthrough
Foto of our members in Düsseldorf, Germany having fun after public speaking challenge - break the mold 2022

Break the mold of out-of-control stuttering behaviors 1 step at a time.

Change takes considerable time and effort. Changing something like old stuttering behaviors takes considerable effort. You will need to put up with the discomfort, uncertainty, and hard work on a daily basis. Until such time that you have developed and grown into the person, you want to become.
Bill Bottle Award for hard work 2022

The Bill Bottle Award 2022 winner announced.

The Bill Bottle Award was created in memory of Martin. You are probably thinking why call the award 'Bill Bottle'? Read on to find out.
Support group helping people with a stutter find their voice - Empathy instead of sympathy

Try something different – ‘Empathy instead of sympathy’: Support group helping people with a stutter find their voice.

We are coming together to solve one common issue, a stutter, and it’s the community connection, the understanding you get meeting up with other people who are going through exactly the same thing as you.
Talking to Strangers

Stutter Challenge – 100+ Contacts with Strangers

McGuire Programme Ireland received a lovely email from a person who was approached by one of our members on Shop Street in Galway, Ireland.