Online Course Report

The McGuire Programme

Regional Director of The McGuire Programme
  • Course Date: August 5, 2021
  • Course Location: Online via zoom
  • Course Instructor: Denis Wright
  • Course Instructor (Intern): Noel Kumar & Jason DSouza
  • Number of New Students: 7 (3 under-18)

Amazing Effort by people working on their stutter in our July 2021 Online Course!

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We had the privilege and honour to host our second online course for ANZ and Southeast Asia in 2021 for people working on their stutter.

7 New students along with a total of 11 coaches came together throughout the 4 days to work on becoming effective, skilled, eloquent communicators.

People working on their speech during a face to face course.
People working on their speech during a face to face course in Australia.

Being a global programme, we had assistance from regions such as MENA (UAE), UK and India on this course – bringing valuable points of view, experience and skillsets from around the world.

McGuire Programme July 2021 Online Public Speaking Challenge recorded live on Facebook

At the same time, the existing graduates (20 in total) had a chance to go back to basics and refresh their skills, during our two day graduate weekend, which saw them getting up-to-date with the latest content, as well as practising and revising age old McGuire methodology and techniques. Our existing members had the chance to work alongside the new students on Saturday, honing in their creative and public speaking skills, as well as working on overkilling various words and situations.

I was very impressed with the effort Jason and Noel put in with organizing the entire course and running many of the sessions. Noel and Jason underwent their staff training during this course, and I look forward to them starting their internships on the next courses they run. Thank you to all the coaches and strong grads involved in this course – your contribution is the main reason this course was as successful as it was.

Denis Wright, Regional Director and Course Instructor.

Overall, as always, the course was a great success and we look forward to coming back with another course in either Sydney or Online (lockdown dependent) in November 2021 for people working on their stutter and improving their techniques and overall improving their quality of life.

Denis is your first point of contact for people who stutter in the Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia Region.

Around the world, our Regional Directors run the Programme in their respective regions. They organise Courses, Support Groups and Open Nights – among many other events and happenings related to helping people who stutter.

Denis is very happy to answer any questions you may have so please don’t hesitate to contact him.