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Regional Director of The McGuire Programme in Australia/New Zealand
  • Course Date: August 3, 2019
  • Course Location: The Gold Coast, Australia

Going To The Next Level On The Gold Coast

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One of the central tenets of the McGuire Programme is to “Do Your Best”, and we wanted to give returning graduates the chance to be their best on the recent Gold Coast Beyond Stuttering Course. 

In the weeks before the course, we spoke to each graduate individually to find out what they wanted to achieve from attending. While the responses were many and varied, a common motivation was that each graduate wanted to reach the next level in their journey, challenge themselves and learn new things that would provide lasting benefits after they left the course. To this end, we introduced more split sessions and workshops that delved deeper into McGuire’s content and dealt with real-world scenarios, as well as fun sessions that provided greater speaking challenges. The feedback from graduates has been excellent. 

The Gold Coast course also saw five graduates wanting to move to the next level by becoming coaches.  Staff training sessions consisted of workshops, one-on-one instruction and a brilliant session by former RD Scott Monson on how, as coaches, we can best support and direct new students. 

While this course increased its focus on giving opportunities to returning grads, new students were also going to their next level – not only physically by learning a new speaking technique, to control their stutter, but psychologically, by reaching a new level of self-acceptance.  Thanks to our coaches for their expert instruction and guidance, and for giving these new students the encouragement to do their best.  The courage and composure the new students displayed in the public speaking challenge in Cavill Mall on Saturday showed how much they had achieved in just three days. 

So on to Melbourne, we go, for the next intensive course from 23-27 October.  Look forward to seeing you there!  And remember, to do your best, be courageous, work hard and persevere!