Matt Wilton

Regional Director of The McGuire Programme
  • Course Date: November 16, 2023
  • Course Location: Newcastle
  • Course Instructor: Lisa Nealan
  • Course Instructor (Intern): Jon Hubbard
  • Number of New Students: 12

Newcastle Course Rocks

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What a cracking course we have just help in Newcastle.   The statistics show that many more males stutter than females but on this course 7 of the 12 new students were female with 4 of them being under 18.  Many of the new students has suffered with covert tendencies where they tried to hide their stutter by avoiding words, sounds and situations.  This leads to a cycle of negative thoughts, feelings and then emotions connected with having a stutter.  Many covert stutterers do not tell anyone about their speech and then feel trapped and isolated.  This is why our programme is so special.  Everyone involved in the running of our courses has a stutter and we are all there to help each other. Some might have very overt stutters, some covert but it makes no difference at this helps anyone with the affliction of stuttering.

During the course many of the new students had to face their fears head on to fight back against the stutter and reduce the fear.  Like so many courses in the past, the new students find that a huge battle but like all the 12 new ones who attended Newcastle, with determination, commitment, hard work time and effort with bags of courage they all came out the other side full of control and a strong belief that their stutter does not have to hold them back anymore.