Delon Coutinho
Melbourne, Australia

First Course:
Melbourne, Australia - October 2005

I joined the McGuire Programme in October 2005 in Melbourne, Australia, after unsuccessful attempts with traditional speech therapy, counselling and hypnotherapy.

My best friend saw something about the McGuire Programme on TV and suggested I try it out. Initially, I was skeptical, but made the necessary inquiries and attended my first course. That was the best decision that I ever made. My skepticism changed quickly, primarily because of the pragmatic approach and the simplicity of tools and techniques employed. There are no claims of ‘magic cures’ and the instructors themselves displayed the efficacy of the tools by the instructors and the coaches and past graduates.

Prior to joining this course, I avoided phone calls, parties, public speaking and interacting with strangers. I would have preferred being in a road accident than having to deliver a presentation at university. I would manipulate friends and family to speak on my behalf. I would often introduce myself to strangers by spelling my name, or use my second name, because I feared my name. My mind was in a constant state of fear and worry and utter frustration.

The program, with its holistic approach, has helped me make a paradigm shift in the way I approach my speech, as well as with life in general. Through the years, I have ‘let go’ of my speaking inhibitions and am consistently chipping off the layers off the iceberg.

I am now an instructor and a primary coach and am very passionate about making a difference and mentoring students. I enjoy speaking and ‘making small talk ‘ with strangers. In short, I now love the sound of my own voice.