Julian Di Bez
Adelaide, Australia

First Course:
Hobart, February 2000

My name is Julian Di Bez, a 47 year old from Adelaide, South Australia. I did my first McGuire course in 2000. Immediately it made a big difference to my life as I began to confidently seek out employment which gave me satisfaction and intellectual challenge that my work at that time lacked.

Eventually, I found work assisting people with a disability to find employment in the mainstream workforce and later was promoted to be the Coordinator of a regional office. I could not have achieved this without the control over my speech which the programme has given me.

I joined the public speaking organisation Toastmasters shortly after my first course and found myself doing things I never dreamed I would do like appearing in regional competitions and becoming President of my club. One of my most valued possessions is the ‘Toastmaster of the Year’ trophy I was awarded by my club some years ago.

The McGuire Programme has also improved my confidence in social situations. I now feel that I have an understanding of my stutter and the means to control it.

I intend to study to become a Primary School Teacher next year and I am seriously considering becoming a McGuire Course Instructor.