Lance Austin
Lance Austin
Canberra, Australia

First Course:
Sydney, July 2002

Lance Austin is my name, and I have been with the McGuire Programme in Australia since my first intensive course in July 2002.

After that, I felt absolutely invincible. But of course, as happens to many of us, I soon learned that to "keep my freedom, I had to work hard and persevere".

What was to follow was an amazing journey of self-discovery, personal change, and personal growth...which is still happening and will no doubt keep happening for me for years to come.

I have had the absolute joy of being on at least 10 or more McGuire courses over the years, in whole or part, and helping out new students on their way to speaking strength and freedom.

I soon learned that to "keep my freedom, I had to work hard and persevere".

I have coached several graduates, and have been a Primary Coach since about 2005. I have given two radio interviews, written and delivered a paper at the 2004 World Congress for People Who Stutter, spoken to groups of school children at my daughter's school about stuttering (much to her pride, and mine!), and my crowning McGuire achievement was being lucky enough to assist with instructing and coaching on the very first McGuire course in Mexico City in July 2011.

But I think one of the greatest joys I get, is being able to meet twice a month with local McGuire graduates to help them keep their speech strong, or help them make it better when they need it most. Probably the greatest joy of all is being able to read bedtime stories to my little girl every other night, or travel books to my wife every Sunday matter how tired, stressed, distracted, or hurting I might be from life's "slings and arrows", these days I can always do that and always enjoy it...and so do they(!)