Bridget Ryan
Bridget Ryan
Waterford, Ireland

First Course:
Waterford, May 2005

In 2005, having been in a new job for a few months I decided it was finally to put this stammering problem of mine to bed.

My friend referred me to my job and had explained to her boss that I had a stammer but I was a great worker. I hated the fact that she even she had to do that for me.

I decided that to get on in my new career I had to be able to speak well and even more importantly not live in fear of the next speaking situation.

There was a McGuire Programme course coming up in Waterford – I knew this because I saw it advertised in the local papers and heard about it on the radio, so I joined up and thought it was the best money I had ever spent. The reduction of the fear alone was worth it all.

I became a Primary Coach in 2006 and passed my Certified Instructors exam that same weekend.

I finally got to in instruct my first course in November 2008. It was brilliant to bring new people along on the road to recovery from stammering. I was privileged to instruct again in February 2011 and in August 2013. It is fantastic to ring the students now and hear how well they are doing after they have put in the hard work.

The best thing about the McGuire Programme for me is the back up support you get from other grads that have been through the same pain and gain as you have. If you apply the knowledge and face the fear you will succeed.