Sandra McGroary
Sandra McGroary
Donegal, Ireland

First Course:
Belfast, February 2013

My name is Sandra McGroary. I have had a stammer from as long as I can remember. One could say my life has been an emotional roller coaster in relation to my stammer.

I lived in fear of it daily and because of this I avoided many speaking situations and missed out on many great opportunities that came my way.

I did this course in February 2013 and I haven't looked back since. This course has given me a new lease of life and my opportunities for the future are brighter and endless. My speech has changed immensely and so have I as a person.

I don't avoid speaking situations anymore or worrying for an hour before entering into one. Instead I have changed this worrying into being positive while portraying a disciplined attitude and I go in with my head held high.

I am a much more happier confident and assertive person as a result of this course and because of this I would like to thank Dave McGuire for establishing this programme and also my primary coach Joe O Donnell for all his advice and help over the last few years.

I did the staff training course in September 2014 in Galway and I look forward to helping and giving advice to other people who stammer.

Thank You.