Siddharth McWann
Odisha, India

First Course:
New Delhi, Dec '17

If you are a stammerer and are looking for a great control over your stammer then McGuire Programme is what you are looking for. Yes it is not a cure but it is a wonderful “life-time programme”. The book “Beyond Stuttering” serves as a guide to the graduates of the course but to apply those things in the real world, one needs a transformation in the mentality that most stammers have.

McGuire Programme does not only teach you to control stammering, it transforms a person's mentality as well. Most disciplined McGuire grads are today better speakers than normal fluent people. They also make you do public speaking. In other words a stammerer is made to live the wildest of his/her dreams through the course and after it (as they have a wonderful support group). I have now found what I call freedom and liberty in life in all speaking situations.

I have now found what I call freedom and liberty in life in all speaking situations.

When I joined my first company a few m months ago, we had the induction process in which I had to introduce myself 50–60 times in the first week. I failed each time I tried to say my name. Moreover, I was made fun of on some occasions after that. I wish they could fathom the embarrassment they were causing me. Maybe they did but they drew pleasure from that. Now I go and introduce myself to the very same people without surrendering to the vicious cycle of stammering. I have even travelled more than 300 KMs to attend table topics in toastmasters and won the best TT speaker. I am not bragging about my toastmasters achievement nor am I being complacent because this is only the beginning of many things to come. I have to go a long way now. But meanwhile I am also enjoying my new improved speech.

In my opinion being a part of McGuire Programme is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Speaking is my Superpower.