Malcolm Cisneros
Ciudad de México

First Course:
May 2015

My name is Malcolm Cisneros, I was born in Mexico City on November 1st 1984, under the Scorpion sign. My stutter started since I was 11 years old, at the beginning I could control it a little bit, but as time went by my stutter started to control me. My teenage years were very complicated, we all know that it’s hard and this problem complicated it even more, it was hard to go buy things, a lot of times I’d rather stay home than go out.

I tried every type of therapy, psychologists, psychiatrists, medicine, speech therapy, hypnosis, religious, I even went to sorcerers, healers and shamans, they all promised that my stutter would disappear, the negative feelings got worse every time I saw that the stutter stayed with me.

From the moment I got out of bed and thought about saying good morning to my parents, it was a bigger challenge than climbing the Everest. At school I preferred presenting a final exam rather than presenting in front of the class; at home when the phone rang and I was alone, I felt this huge fear, I never answered or they ended up hanging up on me because I couldn’t get a word out, I never went to restaurants because I’d rather get something in the minimarket, something that I wouldn’t need to order, even if I didn’t like it.

At university I couldn’t stand the pressure of a system where I needed to present in class every day, so I decided to change my career and my university to a more traditional system, and to choose a career that I didn’t like; in classes I often didn’t get attendance because I wasn’t able to say present.

When I took the bus I remember I paid more than the actual cost so I wouldn’t have to say where I was going, all the time I thought of future situations where I needed to speak.

My life was a long road of looking for solutions for my condition, there were so many failed places that one day I decided to accept my stutter and face any speaking situation.

Looking on the Internet, my mom talked to me about the McGuire Programme, at first I said to her that I didn’t want to know anything about therapies because I was sick of so much failed therapies. After 4 days of asking for information, Alfredo Gonzalez; regional director of the McGuire Programme in Latin America, talked to me on the phone and he named me situations that I understood perfectly and that in some point of my life I had a similar situation, I didn’t hesitate to take the course.

I took the course on May 2015, I remember that day perfectly because I never thought that in 3 days I’d achieve such an incredible control on my speech, something that I’ve tried before with long and expensive therapies.

At the end of the course, I cried with excitement because I articulated words that I could never say and I did things that honestly frustrated me because I couldn’t do it, this programme turned my life around.

I’m so grateful with everyone who since the beginning helped me to overcome this problem, to my family and my friends who were always there and above all, to the McGuire Programme that up to now I have such a great support from all the community, there I found a second family, and I also want to thank those who didn’t support me, because thanks to them, life gave me strength to withstand the blows of this condition.