Coahuilense toma el control su tartamudez
Elier Herrera
Saltillo, México

First Course:
Torreon, November 2016

My stutter began since I can remember, I think when I was 3 or 5 years old. During elementary school and junior high school, it looked like it was non existent since my other classmates didn't notice it. Everything changed when I went into high school, when a classmate told me "Elier the stutterer". It was then when I realized "I could no longer hide it", this triggered my stutter a lot. I used to use pet expressions and I avoided saying difficult words, with those things I thought that I was hiding my stutter. After that event, it was very hard for me to make classroom presentations, it got me very nervous. I hated introducing myself in the first days of the school year, I preferred going out to the restroom in order to avoid personal introductions or I simply masked my condition simulating that I had a sore throat, coughing or some similar illness.

High school and University passed on. Just the first day at my first work place, I found myself in situations in which I could no longer avoid; for example, my boss asked me to call to a supplier or the users called me by phone in order to ask me to help them with a computer technical support and I had to talk with them, triggering more my stuttering condition. It got to a point where I asked the Human Resources department for me to stop giving training courses since the nerve was so much that I was locked with multiple blocks in my speech. Little by little I started understanding that my stutter would never leave, it will always be there and I had to learn to live with it, I did not care so much anymore that people heard me stammering, it was part of me.

One day, I called to my son's school asking for a change in an invoice. The person that I spoke with, heard me talk and immediately recommended the McGuire Programme. I could not believe that in only 4 days I would be in control of my speech. Incredulous, I called the McGuire staff at Torreon, they solved all my doubts.

I took the course in November 2016 and my life changed completely. During the course I did things that I never imagined I could be able to do, like speaking with a lot of people without being afraid to stutter, making a public speech, unimaginable!

Now I have total control of my speech, but above all, I have accepted myself as a person who stutters. I don't feel fear when I speak on the phone, I no longer hide my stutter condition, I'm a person that is free from all the stutter fears I once felt when speaking.

Special thanks first of all to God, to my family, to WEIDMANN (my working company) and to the McGuire community for this gift that I never thought I could have. This doesn't end here. The hard work continues. I know that whenever I need help, the community will always be ready to support me. Thanks!