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Scott Monson

Course Instructor, Coach, Member

McGuire Region: Australia & New Zealand
Scott Monson Sydney, Australia

I truly have gone from a life filled with anxiety and avoidance to one of opportunity and new horizons....and you can too!

I joined the Programme in April 2007 at the age of 35. Having stuttered for my whole life, I had achieved little success with various intensive programs and other treatments over 30 years.

Because of these past experiences, I started my first course with little expectation of a “magic cure” for my stutter – but I was determined to keep an open mind and apply what was being taught.

Before the Programme I would avoid making phone calls, ordering food and, of course, public speaking.  Not only am I now a Staff Trainer, Course Instructor and Coach on the programme, but I have also won public speaking contests (like many other McGuire graduates) and achieved so many things that I only ever dreamed were possible. 

This includes setting up my own counselling and coaching business, where I deliver regular personal development workshops based on the internationally best selling book Feel the Fear and Do It Any Way (visit 

This allows me to draw on my own ‘fear busting’ experiences and help other people overcome their limiting beliefs or negative thought patterns and start living the life they want!

I also now get paid to speak in front of an audience, which I never dreamed was possible – WOW! 

I truly have gone from a life filled with anxiety and avoidance to one of opportunity and new horizons….and you can too!

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Scott Monson Sydney, Australia


Scott Monson


Australia & New Zealand

First Course

April 2007

Join us to defeat your stutter.

Change your perspective on how you live your life.

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