Cape Town Course 2019

Discovering Personalities as Students shine in the Harrison Workshop

5 Brave New Students joined us on the 4 day Cape Town Intensive course, and what a course it was! A tentative start by the newbies, quickly grew into nervous excitement as they started finding themselves and being able to express themselves for the first time. The Harrison workshop which is run on every course is my absolute favourite. Something that I dreaded myself on my first course quickly became my favourite. The Harrison Workshop is a chance on the course to let go and practice a sort of acting and drama class letting your imagination run wild while tapping into your freedom of expression with confidence. Practicing your newly learnt techniques while adding music in the voice and physical expression. This is often the turning point for many that for the first time as a stutter, 'Speaking' becoms fun. That Fear Stricken look on many before the course started, is now completely erased and replaced with Smiles, Laughter and Joy. This is when the individual's personality comes through and we start to see the real person behind the mask. It truely is amazing and something that compliments what is taught on the McGuire Program. Came join us on the next Cape Town course for fun, lots of smiles and plenty of laughter!