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Ross-Shire man finds voice after speech disorder left him unable to say his own name for 25 years.

For more than 25 years, a speech disorder left Bryan Duff unable to say his own name.
It is not a cure but it is the key that helped me be in control of my own speech.

Man with stammer transforms his life with help from an intensive McGuire Speech Course

I have managed to overcome my fears and it has made such a difference for me. I just want to let other people know that it can be done and you can take control of your life.
My stammer was killing my confidence

My stammer was killing my confidence. How I fought back!

With every tribulation, there is now also ease which wasn't there before. With my new way of speech, I am ready to embrace all the challenges that life has to throw my way, and I intend to take them head-on, eloquently.
No cure for stuttering

There is no cure for stuttering — the only way forward for Owen is to take control of his stutter instead of it controlling his life.

Since joining the program, Mr Westwood has moved on from the job he hated and now works full-time as an audio visual technician — and he loves it.
Trinity graduate beats stammer to speak at Journalism Week!

LIVE: Trinity graduate beats stammer to speak at Journalism Week

James Tennant stunned the Journalism Week audience by doing something he never thought he could do: talk in front of a large audience.
9 Things Not To Say To Someone Who Stammers

9 things not to say to people with stammers

People finishing your sentences, or being told to "spit it out", here are nine things people with stammers hear all the time.
These face to face contacts are part and parcel of what you do on the McGuire Programme, we go out of our way to connect with people and engage in conversation. Talking to strangers with a stutter/stammer

The “Beautiful Interruption” of talking to people you don’t know – talking to strangers

When starting a conversation with a stranger, there is a very high probability that they will be receptive to you. We are by nature, social creatures, and as such, we generally welcome interactions with others. But for people who stutter this can be a fearful scenario and we wouldn't dare interact for fear of rejection or simply not being understood. But now with the control taught by the programme, it’s made easier and starts to become fun.
Interview experience as a person who stutters

My personal interview experience as a person who stutters.

My experience being on the programme and how it all led to a great interview experience.
McGuire Programme Course Reports

We are back in Dubai to work on our stutter.

The new students put in the required time and effort and worked hard to become masters of the techniques over the 4 days of training.
Forced into silence: "My stammer forced me into silence for years - I couldn’t even say my own name."

Forced into silence: “My stammer forced me into silence for years – I couldn’t even say my own name.”

Georgia Scott’s stammer once prevented her from saying her own name - now, she documents her condition to millions on TikTok in the hope that she can help educate others.
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4 full days working on stutter

We had coaches from all over the world attend, supporting our local coaches and instructors. Online courses give us a great opportunity to focus on our speech, without any other distractions, and it really shows at the end of the course, how everyone's speech has improved.
Why is stuttering so difficult to overcome

Why is stuttering so difficult to overcome? Stuttering is difficult to overcome for various reasons – Listen to Dave McGuire’s perspective.

law student with a chronic stutter, works on his speech issues by approaching total strangers to overcome speech impediment

Word By Word — and stranger by stranger — Law Student works to overcome speech impediment.

law student Chase Hamilton rides the Blue Line from Minneapolis to the Mall of America in Bloomington to talk to strangers — 100 of them, in fact, one by one, mostly at random to overcome speech impediment.