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A New Year . . . New successes on the life-changing stutter program!

The McGuire Programme, MENA Region, had a great start of the year 2020 where 10 new members joined the McGuire family. In addition, Staff Training was held where 7 members have decided to become coaches and give something back to the region and the program.
Why is stuttering so difficult to overcome

Why is stuttering so difficult to overcome? Stuttering is difficult to overcome for various reasons – Listen to Dave McGuire’s perspective.

law student with a chronic stutter, works on his speech issues by approaching total strangers to overcome speech impediment

Word By Word — and stranger by stranger — Law Student works to overcome speech impediment.

law student Chase Hamilton rides the Blue Line from Minneapolis to the Mall of America in Bloomington to talk to strangers — 100 of them, in fact, one by one, mostly at random to overcome speech impediment.
Stammerer Ashley Guerin Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

Speaking out for the 1 in 100 – a television documentary features a Norwich man helping people control their stammer.

One in a hundred people has a stammer. There is no cure but there is hope. Speaking out - a television documentary features a Norwich man helping people control their stammer.
This course changed my life’: How speech therapy is helping Manchester residents

‘This stutter course changed my life’: How a speech program is helping Manchester residents overcome their stammer/stutter.

“These guys started out on Wednesday night not being able to say their names, Thursday night they can say their names and addresses, Friday they were able to do telephone calls to complete strangers, and here we are on Saturday watching them find new confidence in their voice and putting it into action”.
Working on our stutter

Showing by example, living with a stutter/stammer is like living in the trenches!

We held our second course for 2019 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands at the end of August with 3 new students joining our programme and 20 returning members, who came back to work on their own speech. No matter how many courses I attend, I’m still amazed at the transformation of people who stutter, who get to grips with their stuttering n such a short period of time. But it’s important to state here, that this is only the beginning of the process (a life-changing process) and that there is a lot of practice required, with dedicated time and effort required to maintain the gains achieved during the first course.
Andy Kelly with textbook Beyond Stammering

Ingleby Barwick Man Enjoys Speaking After Overcoming Stammer

UK Graduate Andy Kelly tells his local paper, The Northern Echo, about how he finally tackled his stutter at the age of 50.
McGuire Graduate Chris Wilton Has Shaken Off Callous Jeers

Experiences of stuttering and the McGuire Programme.

Ever since he was a young boy McGuire Graduate Chris Wilton has shaken off callous jeers and taunts due to a speech impediment. He recently spoke to The Western Gazette about his experiences of stuttering and the McGuire Programme.
Megan goes Beyond Stammering to pursue her dream career

Megan Goes Beyond Stammering To Pursue Her Dream Career

Megan focused on her stammer and turned her life around.
McGuire Programme back in Sydney 2022for face to face course

First Face To Face Course Of 2022 – Hello Sydney

We had an amazing turnout - with around 40 people attending in total - some travelling from as far as Denmark, Singapore and New Zealand to be here. We gained 8 more members to the programme, all of whom went through their first intensive course and gained valuable and life-changing skills – to help them towards taking control of their stutter and becoming amazing speakers.
Bride overcomes stammer to read wedding vows, leaves guests in tears

Bride overcomes stammer to read wedding vows, leaves guests in tears

Jennifer Vaughan had five years of speech lessons with The McGuire Programme ahead of the big day.
school for stammerers - mcguire programme

School For Stammerers

Tuesday, January 09th at 9 pm on ITV Taster clip 'School For Stammerers':
living with a stutter stammer

Living with a stammer. One man who is not letting his stammer/stutter hold him back.

Living with a stammer can be isolating and frightening but reporter Freya Findlay meets one man who is not letting it hold him back.