Controlling Stuttering Starts Here!

Controlling stuttering needs hard work and commitment. It needs a person who is willing to put his/her speech first every single day.


In the McGuire programme, we learn how to focus on the main issue and how to take the first and most important step in solving it. The first step in a journey that usually starts on Wednesday evenings. 

On Wednesday, July 11th2018, in a room filled with coaches and returning grads in the city of dreams (DUBAI), we welcomed 13 courageous new students who flew from different countries around the Middle East to start a journey to control their stutter. After an overwhelming emotional first day, the course progressed quickly with a great discipline from the new students. It was amazing to witness them taking the initiative to say their names outload only after few hours of training. 


It is always incredible to see a large group of strangers with stuttering in one room. Coaching each other, guiding each other, and most importantly supporting each other through their journey. All the new students progressed well and grasped the techniques quickly. In only three and a half days, they took the challenge and spoke in front of a huge crowed in the middle of Dubai Festival City Mall, Dubai, UAE. The speeches were genuine, emotional and has put many of us in tears and others made us laugh. 


One new student stated:

“Now I can speak to my little daughter, I can read her favorite stories and I can become a good father”


This course was unique in our region as Abdullah Bin Buayjan was a CII (interning to become a course instructor) with the Course Instructor Sharon Gavillet, which will play a very important role in our very near future plan of starting Arabic courses. Most of the sessions were transelated to Arabic with huge contribution of our fabulous grads, in preparation to our upcoming courses which will be completly conducted in Arabic language. 


Whenever you are in the McGuire, all you can see is a positive atmosphere full of learning and motivation in a disciplined programme. 


Thank you to all who has contributed and attended the course. Thank you Sharon Gavillet for your great additing to our region, thank you Brian Dempsey and Lisa Nealan for flying from Ireland and the UK to be there coaching and supporting during the course. 


Last but not least, Thank you Dave McGuire for creating such a life changing programme.


Rana & Abdullah