Feeling comfortable while overcoming their stutter in Lima, Peru

On Wednesday 4 new students arrived to go Beyond Stuttering, along with 3 graduates to strengthen their process. The new students, as well as every new person entering the course, they had their doubts towards the programme. Asking themselves: How effective was this course going to be? Will I actually be able to control my stutter in only 4 days? This and other questions crossed their minds. As the session kept going, the new students felt more comfortable and at ease since we were all people who stutter.


On Thursday, formal beginning of the course, the new students learnt the new physical weapons to control their stutter, for some it was difficult to use, but they always kept their drive and desire to continue. At the moment of saying their names, each one of them felt free, comfortable; as they never imagined they were going to be able to say not only their names but also basic stuff like their phone number and address. You could see the great satisfaction and joy in their faces.


On Friday we worked on the psychological part of the programme. The students were able to understand how to attack their stutter with the psychological weapons. On that same day the new students also made phone calls, they felt excited, joy, they got to talk with other graduates from different countries. Then they made phone calls to their family members, some tears were shed, but of happiness because they felt inmense satisfaction.


The last day arrived, we were all very motivated. Harrison Workshop was held, where everyone was able to express themselves freely, jump, dance, exaggerate with the physical weapons, it was very comfortable for them. After that, the public speeches came along and being surrounded by a lot of people, each one had the courage to say what during years they've been keeping a secret, they all felt free, comfortable. We closed the course with the friends & family session, all the parents were very excited to see their children able to talk in a more assertive and effective way.


I want to thank Alfredo Gonzalez, for having another wonderful course in Peru, as well as the graduates Deyvis Escalante and Renia Zevallos for supporting the course. Congratulations to the new graduates: Anderson Cabrero, Lender Aguilar, JeanPierre Santilan and Carlos Rondidel for their bravery of being able to face this challenge, for being brave in continuing moving forward striving and never giving up.


Thanks to Dave McGuire, for creating a programme with a lot of values, sharing the necessary toold and teaching us that our stutter doesn't define us and we are able to overcome obstacles.


Katherine Auqui