First Face to Face Course of 2022 - Hello Sydney

After another full 12 months of no face to face courses in Australia due to Covid, we were lucky to be able to finally host another course in Sydney, at the Tramsheds in Glebe,


We had an amazing turnout - with around 40 people attending in total - some travelling from as far as Denmark, Singapore and New Zealand to be here. We gained 8 more members to the programme, all of whom went through their first intensive course and gained valuable and life changing skills – to help them towards taking control of their stutter and becoming amazing speakers.

We tried to spend a lot of time outside, whenever we could, with the weather holding up for us to do public speaking at the local oval and do contacts through out Sydney CBD.

Once again we had great core content delivered by experienced instructors and 1:1 help to all new and returning members by experienced coaches and members. We, of course, also had extra-curricular activities and content to further expand our comfort zones and the use of our McGuire Technique and Tools in “non-classroom” situations. These were proposed and delivered by both coaches and returning members, who had specific goals in mind when attending this intensive course (get better and being a leader, public speaking, phone calls, to name a few)


We have two more courses coming up in 2022. The next one will be at the start of June – this will be our Online format course – for those who may not be able to travel yet, or those who may find an online course less straining physically and psychologically, as your first course. The online courses have had massive success all over our McGuire regions. My experience is that the online course will build a greater understanding of the core concepts, methodology, technique and tools over a face to face course, but the face to face course brings it full circle with the all-important social and “real-life” practice of all the above.

Our next face to face course will be in Melbourne in November – keep an eye on our website or social media for the exact dates. I would highly recommend if planning to attend the online course as a first course, to also plan ahead for when you will attend the second course as face to face – combining best of both worlds – all part of your lifetime membership.


Denis Wright

RD, ANZ | Southeast Asia