Going Beyond Stuttering in Torreon, Mexico

On Wednesday we started the intensive course in Torreon, Mexico, being this one the last course of the year in Latin America. There were 2 new students (NS) ranging from 10 years, to 12 years. In the videos quite covert, however they had an overt stutter.

The NS were somewhat excited about what the course would be, during the morning we had the support of two graduates, one had traveled from Queretaro to Torreon to continue reinforcing and supporting the NS, the course seemed quite heavy to the NS. It should be noted that they were children and it was much more stressful, difficult for them, however they continued working hard and giving their best every day.

It was time for the public speeches with another fear, but very excited, they achieved the goal and returned to the room with much desire, and to end the few sessions that were left. The talk was made by Pedro Guillen and Lilia Uc Santana, it was very emotional and full of very nice testimonies, from both new graduates, and their parents.

Thank you to all the graduates who participated in the calls, all the graduates who attended the course, full time or by sessions. Thanks to Dave for making this wonderful programme and going Beyond Stuttering.