Huge course at Wembley February 2019

Greig Goldman running a split session on the Wembley course.

The lastest McGuire course attracted a huge amount of graduates coming to work on their own speech and also being there to support and coach the new students.   With so many people attending we had no choice but to run seperate sessions throughout most of the course.   This was great for the graduates as well as the new students as we could give support to all of them.  We started with 20 new students and with over 30 coaches attending there was lots of support for them as well as extra one to one support for any graduates who had certain areas of their speech that they needed to work on.

James Caplan and Angie Allbones instructed the course in style spending most of the time with the new students and their coaches.   Nevena Kostova did a fine job supporting the course and dealing with any concerns anyone might have.   The Thursday was an opportunity for the older graduates to focus on themselves with sessions run by many graduates including Course Instructor Interns Alan Patch, Christophe Dupuis, Salman Ahmed and Lee Misciali.   Many other sessions were organised including a seperate session just for the under 25s on the programme.

Two new students decided the programme was not for them, leaving 18 determined and courageous new students deciding to join our programme.

Its always amazing seeing the new students actually want to do their public speech on the Saturday expecially as there would have been no way they would of considered this only a few days beforehand.   The speeches were very emotional with several new students getting back up and saying more.   You cannot stop them once they gain confidence!!

Part of the support network is for the new students to make over 100 calls in the first 2 weeks to the support team of great coaches on the programme to help them maintain control of their speech.  It is also really important for the new students to gain a rapport with their coaches asap so to make life so much easier for them in the future.   After just one week its great to near such inspirational stories like a new student reading a bedtime story to his child for the first time ever, others not avoiding social engagements, making calls to sort out their phone bill, and some being open to their family and friends about the start if their journey.  Also children and adults telling people in their class/workplace about their speech.   Keep up the good work all.