Knocking Down Stuttering in Bogotá

Tartamudez en control Bogotá

Wednesday August 29, a very special day for three brave ones who decided to change their life forever, three brave ones who decided to declare war on their biggest rival, face their greatest fear, prepare as mercenaries to defeat this worthy contender called STUTTER.

The new gladiators between the ages of 8 and 46, accompanied by four graduates, are preparing to begin the McGuire course "Beyond Stuttering."

Training began, just as in ancient Rome, the fighters must make an effort to learn how to handle both physical and psychological weapons. Each one is interviewed, they tell how they see their enemy and set an objective as a mission to fulfill during the war.

On Thursday, the hardest training part starts for the warriors since a high dose of concentration and discipline is necessary. They know that the enemy until today has won most of the battles, but with these weapons story will begin to change.

On Friday, the warriors go to a new stage of training, this time is the psychological stage, it is essential to know the enemy in this regard. The most experienced warriors show in the arena how to use both physical and psychological resources against the enemy and thus start to win the day-to-day challenges. To end the day, the gladiators are challenged to make their first confrontations making calls to warriors of the community and relatives.

On Saturday, the last day of training, it is time to carry out the last refinements to weapons, where all the techniques learned during the three days are put into practice. Later, they go out to the arena to face their first battles in the company of the most experienced, it is a very exciting day for all, it is shown how they put into practice everything they learned, happiness is complete, they won 100 battles on this day. This training ends with the graduation ceremony accompanied by an informative talk about the McGuire programme. Talk addressed to parents and relatives, and likewise the warriors win another battle by expressing their feelings towards their loved ones.

For the new graduates: Do not falter on this path to eloquence, there will be difficult moments, but also rewarding moments, the time will come when you will believe that we are already free from stuttering, but remember this is a sport, it is a war and as such we must train every day to be able to win all the confrontations with our enemy. As our new graduate Jeremy says "We're going to become the best version of ourselves."

Thanks to the McGuire programme and its Regional Director Alfredo Gonzalez for giving us back our faith in ourselves.



Johan Calderon