Making out of the uncomfortable something comfortable - Santiago, Chile

A new course started in Santiago, Chile on Wednesday April the 10th. 15  brave new students (NS) arrived to face our biggest fear, stuttering. In the room there were a lot of emotions from part of the NS and their families. They were all very uncertain of what was going to happen.

On Thursday the day started at 8 AM, we started working early to face a war against stutter and to be able to defeat it. Also a lot of graduates came back to this new course and were supporting them in every process of each of the NS, they all looked very happy and excited to keep going. The day ended and the NS could cancel their first day interviews and say their names, adresses and phone numbers, something that seems easy but for us it is something that has always seemed impossible.

On Friday, we started at 7 AM with more war and more will to keep on with the process. More graduates arrived and the room looked full of commitment and partnership from everyone. After dinner, 11 new students decided that the programme was what they were looking for and they were determined to keep working, 4 people decided the programme was not for them. Then they came back to the room and started making their first phone calls, there was a lot of emotion from the NS, they listened to their families and felt free of making revelation of the great weight they were carrying, there were a lot of tears in that moment.

On Saturday, the last day, it was turn to go into the street with the NS and make out of the uncomfortable something comfortable with hard work and perseverance, where they felt free and strong. Then everyone did their public speeches in the Plaza de Armas where there was a huge crowd very interested in listening at us. Later in the room, Rodrigo Delgado and Deyvis Escalante, programme graduates, held the friends and family session and each NS and graduate ended up sharing their experience and emotions they felt during the course. Parents also wanted to share their testimonies as parents, saying beautiful words about this great McGuire family.

I want to end by thanking Alfredo González for the great heart he has to help and support always each member of the programme, you have such a very nice job. I also want to thank Lilia Uc for always being present and worrying every step of the process of graduates and new students, she's such a great coach and in Chile people can't wait for her to come. Thanks to Deyvis Escalante, from Perú, for supporting this course, he's such a great person and companion, thank you for coming and it was great meeting you. Last but not least, thank you to Dave McGuire for creating this great family that's growing more and more.

It was such an unforgettable course with amazing people. Thanks to everyone.


Trinidad Mardones Ovalle