Now Turkey Has a Voice

Turkey are a brand-new region in The McGuire Programme and we had the pleasure of launching the first ever course from 1st of May to 4th of May 2019. The course was held in Istanbul, which is the largest city in Turkey and perhaps also one of the most populated and largest cities in Europe. The city is divided by the famous Bosporus, which is where West meets East. Due to the location and easy access for flights the participants on this course came from different countries, such as Denmark, UK, Ukraine, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, making it an international course.

The course was a massive success, as another 4 new students became graduates of our Programme and took their first big step towards eloquence. When we met the new students on Wednesday evening many of them were nervous and excited at the same time. Some of them were not able to say their own names and the fear was evident in their eyes. It was not long before the new students were working hard on learning the physical and mental tools of the McGuire Programme. Little by little they became more confident, enthusiastic and positive, and they all left the course feeling that they could conquer the world.

The old graduates did a great job at the course and gave 100 % of their motivation and guidance to support and help each other. This was a great example of how strong and caring the McGuire family really is.

For me it was an important step creating the Turkish region together with Cem Dik, Certified Primary Coach, and during the course it was obvious for both of us that this project had been very meaningful, and that Turkey deserve having a voice. I hope that all the new students will keep their Istanbul experience with them for life. I know that I will for sure.

Paul Paluch did an extraordinary job instructing the first ever course in Turkey and we are very grateful for his assistance and dedication during the entire course.

We are looking forward for another course in Turkey.
Because now Turkey also have a voice!

Keep it costal,
Burak Demirci