Overcoming Stuttering Together Along The Prom In Galway

Summer has finally started here in Ireland and what a way to start than with a very disciplined and focused McGuire Programme course in Galway.

Patrick Hanlon, Mary Moorehead & Joe O Donnell on the June 2019 course in Galway, Ireland

Patrick Hanlon, Mary Moorehead & Joe O Donnell on the June 2019 course in Galway, Ireland

Five very brave people took that first big step to start off as beginners in order to gain control of their stutter in Salthill, Galway. The course started at 7pm on Wednesday 26th – Saturday 29th June 2019. Mary Moorhead instructed the course, with Patrick Hanlon as Course Instructor Intern.

It was clear from Mary and Patrick that teamwork and ownership were the key factors of the course with “Make it Happen For You” being the mantra for the four days. The point was made that if you want to change, play to win and gain control of your stutter you must really want it for you.

Up to sixty graduates, coaches and course instructors came back to push their comfort zones, improving their own speech and overcoming personal challenges with stuttering. The graduates were there to support and encourage the new students as they start their journey as beginners. There was a great atmosphere throughout the course allowing the graduates to focus on goal setting and pushing their comfort zones. A lot of graduates even took the opportunity to speak on the soapbox on Shop Street on Galway.

The great weather kept the spirits high and by Saturday nothing could wipe the smiles off the five new students’ face as they finally realised that they were now in control. They were once fuelled by fear forever dreading that next speaking situation, constantly thinking of stuttering and the shame and guilt that comes with it. Now, as beginners they are fully equipped with the techniques of the McGuire Programme and the support to ensure that they continue to “Make it Happen For You.”

Here’s to making it happen and pushing forward!