Premier Gold Coast Course a huge Success!

Gold Coast in Australia is known for its beaches, tourism, entertainment and from now it will be known as one of the best places to come and experience a McGuire Programme Intensive Course. 

For people who don't have a stutter, it will now be a place where you can watch more than four dozen inspirational people transform themselves into confident, eloquent speakers - speaking on a stage in the middle of surfers paradise, on the very same stage as popular singers, dancers and other performers.


From 18th of July until the 22nd, 10 people who have spent their whole life being controlled by their stutter and 35 McGuire Programme Graduates and Coaches descended, for the first time in history, onto the Gold Coast in Australia. Graduates and new students came from all over Australia and even Singapore, to take on a great challenge - gain control of their stutter and learn skills and tools to become effective, eloquent speakers.

All new students came in with a clear expectation - there is no cure for stuttering, but the McGuire Programme combines knowledge gathered from decades of experience, research and continually evolving methodologies to bring a holistic approach to controlling and overcoming ones stutter, but not only that, going beyond stuttering - becoming the person on the outside, that they have always been on the inside. The goal of the McGuire Programme is self-actualisation, and it provides the knowledge, skills, experience and most importantly a huge support network to achieve this goal, to no longer have a stutter dictate what kind of person you appear to be, but use your speech to be the person that is listened to, respected and known as a great communicator.


The Gold Coast McGuire Intensive Course was a huge success, with all 10 new students joining the programme and becoming part of something special, a programme that supports, nurtures and helps turn people feeling afflicted by their stutter, into people who accept that yes, they have a stutter, but that does not mean it makes them bad communicators, on the contrary, its something that makes them stronger, makes them understand how important speech is and with the help of what they learned on their first McGuire course, and hopefully with time, attending more McGuire courses, refresher days, support groups, etc, they will master the technique, tools and mentality and become those that do, not those that don't.


If you have a stutter - we can help. Come and experience a life changing course in an area near you. If you are from Australia or New Zealand, the next course will be in Melbourne, on the 7th of November. To apply, go to and complete the form.

Hope to see you there!