Showing Vegas How We Conquer Stuttering

20 courageous people who stutter descended on glitzy Las Vegas to work hard and make progress in conquering their stuttering!

Conquering Stuttering in Las Vegas

2019 has been a fantastic year for the McGuire Programme in the USA and Canada, and we were happy to close out the year in style, showing Las Vegas how we overcome our stuttering.

Combining new physical and psychological techniques, our members do things they could only have ever dreamed of before - and then learn how to do them in real life as well.

The hallmark of the Programme is the LIFETIME support and ongoing coaching that all members receive.  Said one new member after more than a week of using his new speaking techniques in the real world:

I really have NO FEAR of speaking anymore!

Using these techniques in everyday speech is liberating.  It's hard work both during and after class, but earning the freedom to really CONTROL our speech, and to say what we want, when and how we want, is an incredible feeling.

As with all McGP courses, we had a great mix of people from all across the world - representatives from several US states, from Canada, and as far away as Pakistan - all coming together to help each other overcome our stuttering.

As 2019 draws to a close, we're already planning for 2020, witih our first course in Washington, DC, March 11-14.  Check out more information about how YOU can begin to overcome your stuttering also!

-Brian Sellers, Regional Director USA & Canada