Taking Control of Their Stutter in Lima, Peru

I was counting the hours, minutes and seconds to take on this wonderful course again. To review the topics again that I didn't understand fully on my first course, to be able to join and see the process of the new warriors with hunger of victory. It was almost time for the meeting, it was kind of a cold afternoon, it was almost dark in Lima. Maybe a normal day to some… But to 5 people it was a special day, the best day of their lives. The day came to take the reins of their stuttering!

The course began! We are all in the hotel, I could see how excited the new students were, each one of them sat in front of the room to be interviewed with certain fear, each one of them with different stories. All of them committed to take the first step that would change their lives.

There was hard work during the 3 days. We finished really tired, everyone's faces showed how heavy and tired the day was, but it also reflected the will to keep going in this path.

We reached the goal! Only one mission left, to some it may be the hardest one; Public Speeches. Each new warrior was committed, trustful and prepared, they went out and made their first public speech, people clapped their victorious achievement. Mission accomplished!

At the end I could see more self-confidence, reliability within them. I definitely saw a huge change from the first day.

We reached the hotel and made them see their first day interview videos from Wednesday. What a change! A new warrior said at the beginning of the course that he "wanted to transform in another person" and in that moment he said that he felt different, he's not the same person that he was on the first day.

Congratulations to the warriors who decided to take this incredible step and decided to change their lives. Remember there's always someone who will listen and support you. Welcome to this amazing McGuire family!

Deyvis Escalante