What an inspiring course in Santiago, Chile

tartamudez bajo control en Santiago, Chile

On the 24th of October we started with the second course of the month in Chile, the participants ranged from 11 years old to 40 years old, 5 who have an overt stutter and 2 with a covert stutter; the videos were the most uncomfortable for those present, the room was full of many emotions, the parents of each new student were present and there was a feeling of emotion. At the end of the videos we gave way to the introduction of the course, explaining what a stuttering is and what the McGuire programme is focused on to change from negative to positive. At the end we all went to dinner and get some rest to start working hard early the next day.


Thursday, we started from 9:00 AM, some parents were present in the room and witnessed each small but great change of their family members. By the end of the day everyone had the opportunity to pass and cancel the interview on Wednesday; everyone in the room was happy to have achieved that challenge.


Friday, we started at 7:00 AM, the days go by quickly and soon the course ends, that is why every second, every minute is very important.

It's time for the graduates' challenge, demonstrate to the NS that by having honest, responsible, committed and courageous behavior every negative feeling is reduced, and we changed perceptions and beliefs from negative to positive.

At the end of the day, the second challenge was carried out for the NS, to make their first revelations to people of the programme and to relatives, the room was filled with emotion, from the NS, as well as graduates, and parents that were in the room, Congratulations to everyone for this achievement!


Saturday, we started at 7:00 AM. Last day in the course, you have to take advantage of every second. We did not stop remembering how important it is to practice and practice. The day passed very quickly and when we realized we were already giving speeches in the downtown main park; it was a witness of tears, applause, laughter, celebration, that photo that will be stored in the hearts of all of us. Returning to the room we continued practicing, while the other room was getting ready to give the talk to the parents and friends, a talk by Trinidad Mardones and Martín Fonck. At the end of that talk, the NS gave the last speeches of the day in that room and there were too many tears, applause, many mixed emotions. The parents had the opportunity to say a few words and it was very nice, everyone proud of each one's achievements.


Thank you to each one of the NS for each teaching they left me, thank you to the graduates who took the time and commitment to assist, reinforce and support their process. Thank you to the graduates who from distance supported with the calls on Friday. Thank you to the parents for their constant support to their children. Thank you to Alfredo for the support, the opportunity and the confidence. And huge thanks to Dave McGuire for creating this magnificent course, that without it, we would not be this wonderful family.


Lilia Uc Santana