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Every parent’s dream! Working on his stutter transformed my son from a timid youth to a confident adult.

Last month, we returned to Newry, Co. Down, Northern Ireland to hold our FIRST In-Person course in over 2 years. 11 New Students attended the course and they worked really hard over the 3 days. The parents of the under 18s also attended and they played an important and active part in this course in encouraging and helping the new students overcome their stutter. A great team effort!

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Our Latest 2nd Stammer ‘Bill Bottle’ Memorial Trophy Award on behalf of the Martin Coombs for people who stutter/stammer.

Martin Coombs always showed courage, bravery and was a winner. He was a member, coach, course instructor and staff trainer on our programme. ‘B’ words and sounds were a huge challenge for Martin so he changes his name to ‘Bill Bottle’ until he had overkilled that fear. Martin embraced and practised all the techniques taught on the programme with a fighting and never give up attitude.

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McGuire Programme back in Sydney 2022for face to face course

First Face To Face Course Of 2022 – Hello Sydney

We had an amazing turnout – with around 40 people attending in total – some travelling from as far as Denmark, Singapore and New Zealand to be here. We gained 8 more members to the programme, all of whom went through their first intensive course and gained valuable and life-changing skills – to help them towards taking control of their stutter and becoming amazing speakers.