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Back to working hard on our stutter after 2 years online!

Back to doing what we do best! Working hard on our stutter with face to face, in-person interactions.

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Back to working hard on our stutter after 2 years online!
Back to working hard on our stutter after 2 years online!

Back to doing what we do best! Working hard on our stutter with face to face, in-person interactions.

In March 2022, we returned to Newry, Co. Down to hold our first In-Person course in over 2 years. It was great to return to In-Person courses and work closely with our 11 new members as well as working on improving our own speech – winning the war against our stutter. A win-win situation! From the very beginning, there was such a positive, hard-working vibe in the room, which carried through to the final session of the course.

Here are post-course comments from some of our returning members:

“It was amazing to be back working hard on our stutter. I was a bit emotional and I found being back working in the lines very powerful in my own fight against my stutter. The want to help the younger students get a good foundation is a great drive for me and witnessing them evolve over the few days. People who stutter helping people who stutter, truly amazing.”


“It was great to coach again on a face-to-face basis, and sit in the lines after such a long time away working hard on our stutter. Seeing the progression of the new students in ‘real life’. Great to see everyone get a chance at public speaking, especially those who did their course online. Seeing and feeling the support from everyone and the parents was magical.”


“This was one of the best courses I have attended as I was able to go to most split sessions and I got so much from those sessions. It’s also great to be back to in-person courses.”


“As I have not been active on the programme for some time, coming on this course made it easier to fit back in as there was a great sense of warmth and calm within the conference room at all times. What I found so beneficial was making 100+ face to face contacts as well as reaching a stage where I can have fun speaking while still using my techniques and join others in working hard on our stutter.”


“It was great to feel inspired and motivated by the enthusiasm and passion of new students and returning members. It has given me a new burst of energy and determination to prioritise my speech and to keep up the hard work because when I am at my happiest is when I am in control.”


“I thought the course was very well structured and each session was full of content. Working alongside the coaches was very inspiring. I really enjoyed the ‘honesty’ and the ‘psychological’ sessions.”


“To attend a course in person and be a part of the emotional journey of 11 new students taking a courageous first step to do something about their stutter was so inspiring. To witness each day confidences getting stronger, smiling, belief in themselves that they can achieve their dreams and speak using McGuire Programme technique without struggle, just magical! This course for me was a reminder of where I began my journey to take control of my stutter with amazing support from the McGuire Programme.”


“Being in such a positive and influential environment pushed me to try my best on the course, pushing out of my comfort zones and meeting new people as well as experiencing the ‘buzz’ again after doing my public speech.”


“The positive feedback I received from strangers on the street was outstanding and it has definitely encouraged me to continue to push out my comfort zones in the weeks ahead.” 


Our regional directors are your first point of contact for people who stutter. Get in touch with your local representative today.

Around the world, our Regional Directors run the Programme in their respective regions. They organise Courses, Support Groups and Open Nights – among many other events and happenings related to helping people who stutter.

We are very happy to answer any questions you may have so please don’t hesitate to contact us.