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3 Days! 1 Reason: Working hard to overcome stuttering

We returned to Cork City in Ireland to hold an In-Person course for people who stutter. We were there for one reason only: to work on overcoming our stutter.

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In July 2022, we returned to the beautiful and historic city of Cork to hold another In-Person course. We were there for one reason only: working hard to overcome stuttering. Everyone knuckled down over the 3 course days and day by day the transformation unfolded.

We returned to the beautiful and historic city of Cork to hold another In-Person course. We were there for one reason only: working hard to overcome stuttering.

Here are comments from some of our returning members:

“I found the course fantastic. It was very different to previous courses I attended, as this course focused particularly on deliberate dysfluency. Being asked to sit in front of the new students was a privilege and I was delighted to have been asked.”


“This was my first McGuire Programme in-person course in over a decade. For me, it was a wonderful experience of going back to basics, refreshing my knowledge and drilling my costal breathing and other techniques. There was a real “Irishness” to the room, which to me is a unique mixture of seriousness and irreverent humour. For new students/members, I think this helps them see that we are all normal people and I suspect this helped them relax and lean into the support of the programme.”


“I really enjoyed the course and being a member this time instead of a new student. I was able to take in more information. Talking to other members in various sessions/workshops and receiving advice from them has really helped me.” 

Patrick Hanlon Course Instructor
Overcome Stuttering in Cork, Ireland. Message from Course Instructor Patrick Hanlon: A tale told in one photo: my most recent adventure in instructing a The McGuire Programme intensive course, last week in #Cork!

So grateful to get the opportunity to instruct again, for the third time (and the second time in Cork!) and play a part in helping unlock the potential and change the lives of other #peoplewhostutter with a programme that did exactly that for me just over a decade ago 🙌🏻

If it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you, and this is always a worthy challenge — leading a three-day course is so much more than being on the floor for 14/15 hours each day of those three days and going hoarse by the end, it took months of preparation and organisation, yet whizzed by in the blink of an eye!

More comments from our returning members:

“The course has given me the boost I needed to continue working hard to overcome stuttering and to make the most of the McGuire support around me.”


“I went to this course to practice my deliberate disfluency. It was something I was struggling with for the past while. I feel I achieved my goal at this as I was disciplined in the room but most importantly outside the room. It was also really nice to go back over the basics on Day 1. All in all, it was a very good productive weekend. I worked hard and I didn’t hold back. Watching the new students grow in confidence over a weekend is so inspiring and I will never tire of watching it so I’d like to say a huge well done to all the new students.”


“It was my first in-person course and I feel like it really benefited me. No doubt I’ll be returning for the next one. Was also really nice to finally meet the coaches I had been in contact with over the phone for the last year and a half.” 

Patrick and Maritza Enjoyinf the stutter course
Overcome Stuttering in Cork, Ireland. Another message from Course Instructor Patrick Hanlon: Now, another snapshot from the recent The McGuire Programme course in Cork, featuring just one half of the dynamic duo of interns that I was lucky to have by my side — Maritza Warnik (the other being the incomparable Em Gribben!)

Blessed to have these inspiring women lead so much of the course and steer the ship, not to mention their support and dedication before, during and after.

It’s a team effort, every single time, and every instructor knows they are nothing without a strong team on the floor — the same goes for most things in life, and most things require support, and I am so grateful for the support from one and all who played a part in this most recent course! 🙏🏻

Even more comments from our returning members:

“I really enjoyed attending the full course. The feeling of being a part of something so life-changing is wonderful.”


“The main benefit I found from attending the course was being strict with my speech and going back to basics. My main goal at the start of the course was to resist time pressure and speak with a few words per breath and I am glad to say I accomplished this not only surrounded by people in the McGuire Programme but also while I was in real-life situations.

I found it extremely beneficial being involved in the coaching side of things where I was given the opportunity to work with a new student for a couple of sessions. I found it great to be involved in helping the new student grasp the new techniques as well as shadowing him while he made phone contacts.”


“I found the Cork course very beneficial after not being to an in-person course in over 3 years. It was great to get back and see everyone again while also being disciplined with my own speech. I found it really helpful to get back into the drilling aspects, and realised I have grown a lot since the last in-person course I attended back in 2019. Being able to run my first split session on this course has helped so much with my confidence.”


Would you like to join us to overcome stuttering? Get in touch with us today!