Facing the real world in Bogota, Colombia

We had our second Latin American McGuire course of the year in Bogota, Colombia on the 13th of February, with 5 new brave students; 4 men with an overt stutter, and 1 woman with an overt stutter as well.. Ages from 15 years to 22 years.


Starting the year with the right foot

Tension in the body, feeling of guilt, ashamed of stuttering and fear to express are characteristics that a person with this condition has. There’s days in which speaking is an odyssey, it becomes something complicated. A stutter has no cure, only control, there’s not much information on the topic.

Approximately 73 million people in the world stutter, out of 4 men, 1 women has it. It is necessary to raise awareness for there to be a change and we all have the same opportunities.

Joaquín Becerra

Joaquín Becerra

"We all have a voice and we deserve to be heard." For many years of my life I did not understand the meaning of this phrase, many times I thought that those who had the power of speech were the speakers, and I always wanted to be one of them to express my ideas without stuttering and that they understood me when I communicated.


Going Beyond Stuttering in Torreon, Mexico

On Wednesday we started the intensive course in Torreon, Mexico, being this one the last course of the year in Latin America. There were 2 new students (NS) ranging from 10 years, to 12 years. In the videos quite covert, however they had an overt stutter.

Martin Fonck

Martin Fonck

I started to stutter since I can remember, it has always made me feel bad and prayed as a child; my family is Catholic, so that the next day I would wake up speaking "well". I always assumed that I would be a shadow of what I can be, of my best version. All my life; except a couple of years ago, I lived with a lot of anger, impotence and frustration. The last two visit me  to this day but already much more controlled thanks to McGuire.

Cordoba, Argentina witnesses a great change

Another course of the McGuire Program was held in Latin America, this time Córdoba, Argentina witnessed the great change of 3 new participants.


The course began with much expectation from them, not knowing what to expect and if this will finally be the change they had waited for so long.


What an inspiring course in Santiago, Chile

tartamudez bajo control en Santiago, Chile

On the 24th of October we started with the second course of the month in Chile, the participants ranged from 11 years old to 40 years old, 5 who have an overt stutter and 2 with a covert stutter; the videos were the most uncomfortable for those present, the room was full of many emotions, the parents of each new student were present and there was a feeling of emotion.