Héctor Palomino

Héctor Palomino

"I can not" "They're going to think I'm stupid" "Why can't you talk like someone normal?!" These kinds of feelings have accompanied me since I was a teenager, especially when I had to speak in public. Now, thanks to the McGuire programme, I see every situation of my stuttering as an opportunity to keep improving in my speech, which I enjoy a lot.


Learning goes beyond knowing how to read…

tartamudez bajo control en Santiago, Chile

During the course of Santiago, Chile October 2018, there was a new student who could not read, carrying with him many concerns, insecurities and mistrust, but far from all this was the man who despite not knowing how to read, learned to be an electrician, mason , carpenter, and many other jobs he does to get ahead.

Brave Warriors Overcoming Their Stutter in Mexico City

On Wednesday the 26th of September we held another intensive course in Mexico City, we had 8 new brave students, decided to work hard to take control of their stutter. The ages went from 14 to 33 years, with an overt and covert stutter, in this course all the attendees were men. They all had high expectations and with one last hope, some of them confused and some of them decided.

On Thursday we started working hard. The new students had a lot of doubts about everything that they were doing and learning, each second that passed was a positive change they had.

Taking Control of Their Stutter in Lima, Peru

I was counting the hours, minutes and seconds to take on this wonderful course again. To review the topics again that I didn't understand fully on my first course, to be able to join and see the process of the new warriors with hunger of victory. It was almost time for the meeting, it was kind of a cold afternoon, it was almost dark in Lima. Maybe a normal day to some… But to 5 people it was a special day, the best day of their lives. The day came to take the reins of their stuttering!

Knocking Down Stuttering in Bogotá

Tartamudez en control Bogotá

Wednesday August 29, a very special day for three brave ones who decided to change their life forever, three brave ones who decided to declare war on their biggest rival, face their greatest fear, prepare as mercenaries to defeat this worthy contender called STUTTER.

The new gladiators between the ages of 8 and 46, accompanied by four graduates, are preparing to begin the McGuire course "Beyond Stuttering."