Stutter under control in Torreon, Mexico

The day of the first intensive course of the year for Torreon finally arrived, with 2 new students; minors, accompanied by their family.

We had the wonderful presence of 3 graduates, 1 from Austin, Texas who travelled 19 hours back and forth to be in the course, 1 from Chihuahua who also travelled to help and support the new students and 1 from Torreon; the 3 of them always remained helpful and working hard to give the best example and encourage the new students.

They take control of their stutter in 3 days!

Tartamudez bajo control en Guadalajara

The city of Guadalajara in Mexico was the place where the last intensive course from the McGuire Programme in Latin America was held. On December the 13th, 11 people with unique stories came together to work hard and take control of their speech and their lives.

Learning to Control a Stutter

Tartamudez bajo control en Lima

The Peruvian capital, Lima, welcomed 6 new students to the McGuire Programme intensive course, from November the 29th to December the 2nd, 2017. It took place at the Hotel San Blas, located in Miraflores.

There was one graduate in the course, who travelled from Arequipa (South of Peru) to support in the learning process of the new students, three of them came from Chile, two from Peru and one from Ecuador, the age of the new students were between 23 and 38, most of them with an overt stutter.

Controlling their stutter in Merida, Mexico

control tartamudez en Mérida

The white city had the presence of 6 new brave students that decided to start the process of taking control of their speech, only one lived in Merida, the others 5 travelled from Valladolid, Guatemala, Chetumal, Ciudad del Carmen and Cancun.

There were 4 men and 2 women, 2 of them children which age range was from 7 to 9 years, they went accompanied by their parents. The ages of the other 4 students were between 17 and 40 years. The students had two types of stutter, covert and overt.