They take control of their Stutter in front of Bellas Artes in Mexico City

They take control of their stutter in front of Bellas Artes in Mexico City

One more course came to an end in Mexico City with 5 new students; a 31-year-old women with an overt stutter, a 14-year-old minor, the rest men; 2 overt and just one covert for this course.

For this course we had great support from graduates from Guatemala, Mexico City and Guanajuato. Thank you all for your support and for giving the best example, strength and work to the new students (NS)!

Control your stutter with the McGuire Programme!

The problem of stuttering has a solution. Endow the people who suffer from this behavior with emotional, psychological and physical resources, focused not only in the problem, but in the person as a whole, it allows them to speak fluidly and correctly.

This is what the McGuire Programme offers. In Latin America and Spain is leaded by Alfredo Gonzalez, who suffered from this for more than 20 years and who experimented with various alternatives such as psychological help, speech therapy and even surgery.

"Of all the bad, there is something good" -New Student from Chile's Intensive Course

The fourth intensive course in Santiago, Chile ended with great succes! With 6 new students taking the next step to change their lives for the better; 1 women and 5 men, 1 with an covert stutter and 5 with an overt stutter.

There were also 6 graduates to keep getting better at the Sport of Speaking and to support the new students in their journey.

An Intensive Course filled with Emotion in Torreon, Mexico!

It was a course filled with emotion in Torreon, Mexico in August. 1 new student, women, 30 years old.

We had great support from graduates during the course. We had up to 7 graduates coming back to support and guide the new student towards the road of Articulate Eloquence.

On Thursday we saw the physical aspect of the stutter where the new student started learning the tools and techniques to take control of her speech. The day ended with the new student saying her name, address and phone number, a very gratifying moment for everyone present but especially for her.

Knocking Down their Stutter in Guadalajara, Mexico!

On Wednesday 26th, 2017 another intensive course took place in Laffayette Hotel in the city of Guadalajara in Mexico. Graduates arrived one hour earlier to prepare and welcome the new student. When he arrived he met the members and shared his story with everyone in the conference room. A graduate decided that it was best for him to be treated as a new student, since he has abandoned the McGuire Programme completely and the Regional Director accepted his request.

Edgar Herrera

Edgar Herrera

My stutter began when I was about 10 years old, now I’m 40. During those 30 years living with a stutter I had countless moments where I felt shame, guilt and frustration for not being able to say what I wanted to say. The hardest part was junior high school and high school, when I had to read or give a presentation in front of my classmates and stutter in front of them made me lose all confidence and self-esteem, I became an introverted and unhappy person.