Course report Rotterdam August 2016

Course report

Region: Benelux

Location: Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Date: 24-27 august 2016

CI’s : Fintan van Berkel & Brenda Borghs

RD: Frank Loomans


There were 12 new students, 4 females and 8 males. Around five of them were overts. They had a lot of variety in their “stammering behaviour” and the ages ranged from 16 until 62 which made things that much interesting. All of the NS decided to stay in the programme. In total over 100 graduates attended the course.

Extra’s on this course:

Course report May 2016 course Almere, The Netherlands

The course was held in a beautiful hotel in de centre of Almere (in the middle of the Netherlands). We had 13 NS (8 coverts and 5 overts). They were accompanied by about 95 grads and coaches for almost 4 days to work hard to learn how to control their stammers and deal with the part under the big iceberg.

We had 4 nationalities represented in Almere: Dutch, Belgium, English and Norwegian.

There where 3 female and 10 male NS. All of them completed the course.


stotteren overwinnen met de wereldwijd grootste stottertherapie

Word sterker dan je stotteren

Het McGuire Programma is een wereldwijd succesvolle stottertherapie waarmee zowel de lichamelijke als de mentale oorzaken van stotteren worden aangepakt.

Tijdens onze intensieve 3-daagse cursussen krijg je ademhalings- en spreektechnieken aangeleerd. Ook leer je hoe je jouw spreekangst kunt overwinnen, zodat je beter om kan gaan met alledaagse spreeksituaties.

Een ervaring die jouw leven zal veranderen!

Dennis Tieke

Dennis Tieke

(Translated with Google Translate)

I am for the McGuire Programme cases after a few phone calls with a coach within the program. What struck me was their drive and sobriety. I was also very taken with the idea that the only just been set up by stotterraars and therefore floats on their own experiences.

Emmet O'Connell

Emmet O'Connell

What do you do when you're feeling completely useless and alone?

It doesn't matter what you do for a living, how many friends you have or how "successful" you may appear to be. We all feel disconnected from time to time. And if we listen to and believe the voice in our head, we can quickly spiral down into loneliness and darkness.