Graduates abroad

This time was different as it was my first instructing gig. I arrived at the hotel on Wednesday afternoon after seamlessly travelling from Copenhagen to Malmö, Sweden – if you’re a fan of clean airports and easy transitions between countries then Scandinavia is the one for you. The air was fresh and the people seemed to take everything a little slower than London, a refreshing start to the course. 

As was expected the Scandinavian grads gave us the most kind of welcomes. I expected nothing less as the grads I met last year were amazing. 

On a sunny Saturday the Scandinavians were shining even brighter

A camera team from Danish television was following Peter closely on his journey through the intensive course.  Having a microphone on him at all times, he was really under more pressure. Luckily this Dane from the countryside had the will and power of an ox. Through hard work and dedication, tears and laughter, Peter found his powerful voice and belief in himself. So after the instructor got the attention of the whole market place in Aarhus city, all the new students were shining bright on the terrifying box – they were projecting their voice, making jokes and actually enjoying it!

Mother and son overcome their fears in Oslo, Norway

Together with 16 other new course participants they decided that enough was enough. They came to Oslo with the hope of getting more control of their speech.

After two days of intensive practicing their new physical tools against their old uncontrolled stutter along with a new mindset, they took over Oslo.
After facing their fear of contacting strangers by making over 100 street contacts each, they happily went for their first outdoor public speech despite it being minus 13 degrees Celsius in Oslo!

Scandinavian intensive course in Oslo, October 2016

El jueves el curso inició a las 8 PM con alrededor de 45 antiguos y nuevos miembros del Programa McGuire. Los miembros antiguos atendieron para trabajar en su habla, ayudar y guiar a los nuevos miembros a aprender y practicar la técnica McGuire, la técnica que nos da el control sobre nuestra tartamudez.


Siempre es grandioso ver asistir a tantos miembros antiguos del programa: miembros desde Suecia, Noruega, Islas Faroe y Dinamarca.